World Health Day 2024: Health is a right, not a raffle

This World Health Day, we’re rallying around a theme that’s important for all of us, especially if your home’s a fair way from the nearest town. The theme for 2024, ‘My health, my right’, is a battle cry for ensuring every one of us, no matter the postcode, gets a fair go at being healthy. With curveballs like climate change and new diseases, it’s about time we all come together to make sure our mates in the bush aren’t left in the lurch.

Out in the Australian bush, life throws up challenges that aren’t just about dodging kangaroos or keeping the farm going. It’s also about the rough deal of having to drive for hours just to see a doctor or get to a hospital – a world away from what others might have just down the road. Health isn’t just an issue for those in busy cities; it’s an Aussie challenge, through and through.

Tipping our hats to rural and remote doctors
The heroes out in the sticks are the rural and remote healthcare workers. These legends put in the hard yards – often literally – to ensure folks in the back of beyond get the medical care they deserve. They’re not just healthcare professionals; they’re woven into the community, knowing their patients by story, not just by name. Their daily effort makes sure healthcare isn’t a city luxury but a right for all of us.

The true Aussie spirit of healthcare
Looking after your health in the bush is about more than just seeing a doctor. It’s about having a fair go at clean air, decent tucker, and having the basics covered so everyone can lead a healthy life. Thanks to technology like telehealth, expert advice can zip across Australia’s vast landscape to even the most tucked-away homesteads, making ‘the impossible’ suddenly possible.

It’s this mix of determination, community, and sheer hard work that makes our rural and remote doctors true blue Aussie heroes. They embody the spirit of ‘My health, my right’, working tirelessly to bridge the gap between city and bush healthcare.

Joining forces for a fairer health future
As we mark World Health Day, let’s take a moment to think about what ‘My health, my right’ truly means for Australians off the beaten track. It’s a chance to acknowledge the hurdles but also to celebrate the spirit of mateship and the hard work of rural doctors, tackling these challenges head-on.

Supporting rural healthcare, advocating for better services, or simply spreading the word about innovations like telehealth, we’re all part of ensuring ‘My health, my right’ is more than just words – it’s the real deal for every Australian, no matter where they hang their Akubra.

So, here’s to the rural and remote doctors, the community members, and everyone in between who’s putting in the effort to ensure that when it comes to health, every Aussie gets a fair chance.

Whether you’re advocating, lending a hand, donating to support our cause, or just keen to understand more about the unique challenges and achievements of rural health, every bit of support makes a significant difference. Let’s band together to make ‘My health, my right’ a reality for every Australian. It’s about ensuring our health rights aren’t just a city tale, but a story shared across this wide land, where the gum trees sway and the kookaburras sing.

Growing up across the Cape with a single mother who served as a nurse, Jaide Vidafar developed a profound respect for healthcare from a young age. Now an aspiring doctor, Jaide is passionate about improving healthcare accessibility in rural and remote communities.