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A GP service for rural health practitioners 

Our program, GPs4RuralDocs provides GP services to health practitioners in rural and remote communities.  For everything you need to know as a patient, download our brochure.


  Below is a list of upcoming clinics.  If you are a health practitioner and need to see a GP, book your appointment below.  


Wednesday 1 May 2024 


Thursday 2 May 2024 


Friday 3 May 2024 

Dr John Douyere will visit Quilpie on
Wednesday 1 May to provide independent
GP services to health practitioners.

Host Practice: Quilpie Medical Practice
30 Gyrica Street Quilpie

Dr John Douyere provides independent face to face consultations in Charleville on Thursday 2 May supported by telehealth in between visits.

Host Practice : Acacia Country Practice
4b Wills Street Charleville

Dr John Douyere will be in Cunnamulla on Friday 3 May to provide independent, confidential health care for rural health practitioners.

Host Practice: Cunnamulla Hospital
56 Wicks Street Cunnamulla

To book any telehealth appointments, please email Dr John Douyere @
Dr John Douyere

When Dr John Douyere flies into Charleville, Quilpie and Cunnamulla in May as part of our GPs4RuralDocs program, his career will have come full circle. He spent 23 years as a rural doctor just a few hours away in the beautiful outback town of Longreach.

John knows better than most how important the GPs4RuralDocs program is to the healthcare workers that dedicate their lives to these rural communities. He understands the challenges they face when it comes to looking after their own health and wellbeing.

“Looking back on it now, I think that my overall health probably would’ve been better if I’d had access to something like this,” he says when reflecting on his own experiences as a doctor in Longreach. “Because when you’re in it, you can’t see it and you can’t see that you’re not looking after yourself particularly well.”

Despite the challenges that come with life as a rural doctor, there are no regrets in John’s voice when he talks about the many years spent in Longreach with his wife, Jayne, and their two boys. It’s mostly pride in a community he loved and satisfaction in the career path he took. A career path that was never forced upon him.

It was something he chose.


Dr John Douyere

Dr John Douyere is committed to improving the health of our rural health practitioners. He is excited Rural Doctors Foundation is funding this initiative to enable delivery of GP services to rural health practitioners.

To find out more about the GPs4RuralDocs program, contact Rural Doctors Foundation on (07) 3039-0011 or by email at