Coral Fuata

Coral Fuata

Program Manager

“Influenced by my own health journey, I have deep respect for all who work in the healthcare sector. Inspired by the dedication of rural practitioners, I believe all Australians should have access to the same care I was fortunate to receive.”

With over 20 years of experience in project and stakeholder management, strategy and marketing,  and business development, Coral is a seasoned professional known for her unwavering commitment to excellence and her ability to thrive in demanding and ever-changing environments. Her extensive and diverse background spans across both corporate and non-profit sectors.

Throughout her career, Coral has demonstrated a deep care to work in organisations who seek to help and raise awareness for those who face life challenges to support them find new pathways to the life they want. Her passion and compassion for people combined with her perseverance allows her to connect with people and bring unity to those she works with. Coral is known for her ability to navigate complex challenges and build strong relationships with diverse stakeholders.

Driven by a passion for equitable healthcare access, Coral firmly believes that everyone, regardless of their geographical location, should have equal opportunities to receive quality care. She seeks to support and advocate for the challenges faced by rural and remote health practitioners who work tirelessly to provide care to communities to ensure that all Australian’s living in rural and remote communities have equal access to the care they deserve.