Fundraise for Us

Your fundraising efforts can help saves lives 

People in rural and remote communities do it tough when it comes to healthcare. Distance and lack of services can mean shorter life expectancy, and higher disease and injury rates. Mortality rates are 1.8 times higher in rural areas than in our cities. 3 in 5 people in the country don’t see a specialist when they should. Mostly, because there isn’t one around. 

Help us reduce barriers to good health

Funds you raise will make a tangible difference to a rural community. We use those funds to support grassroot ideas when communities ask us to. And, we provide life saving equipment and programs to rural communities. 

Host an event in your community

Whether you’re in the country or the city, a fundraising event is a great way to drum up community spirit and raise important funds for rural health. Your sporting club, school, workplace, health service or rural community can create fun fundraising programs.

 Some ideas to spark your enthusiasm 

Sports events


Workplaces and community groups

Pass around the hat in times of crisis 

We know that in times of natural disaster, remote and rural communities do it tough. Many can become cut off from lifesaving health services. Rural Doctors Foundation helps rural clinicians get back up and running after natural or man-made disasters. This lifesaving work is not possible without the generous support from our donors. You can help get our rural communities through a crisis by holding an event. Or simply start a fundraising page and reach out to your networks to get a combined donation that you can contribute to those in need.

Raise funds in celebration 

 If you’re sick of all that “stuff” we accumulate as gifts, ask your loved ones to give to others on your special day. Birthdays, weddings, and Christmas can all be an opportunity to help our cause and fundraise for rural and remote health.

In memory 

Donating in memory is a way to leave a legacy for your loved one. If their heart was in rural and remote Australia, or in rural health, this is a meaningful way for their memory to live on in the hearts of those they cared for.

Contributions like yours are making it possible for people in rural and remote communities to stay healthy and well. Thank you!

Make a fundraising page and get started!

It’s easy!  Follow our step by step guide


  1. Click on the button below to visit our fundraising platform
  2. Create an account, or login to an existing account.
  3. Add a title and details of your campaign and upload a photo. Share a brief description about what supporting Rural Doctors Foundation means to you.  If you want add some personal detail and tell an inspiring story to  motivate support.
  4. Once published, you can share your link with friends and family, or your wider community. You can share it on social media too.
  5. Remember to keep updating your supporters on your progress and share any photos or funny stories about your fundraising journey.