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Remembering the sacrifice of our rural soldiers

On ANZAC Day, we acknowledge those who have served or continue to serve this special place we call home.

We chat with Dr Michael Clements, a rural doctor and veteran who specialises in supporting ex-service personnel and families of serving members.

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80% of people with coeliac disease don’t know they have it – are you one of them?

Approximately 1 in 70 Australians have coeliac disease however 80% remain undiagnosed. Most Australians with coeliac disease don’t know it. Improved awareness of the condition has resulted in higher diagnosis rates in the past few years, however, there has also been an increase in the incidence of coeliac disease.

Rural Doctors Foundation recommend that if you have a close relative with coeliac disease, ask your local rural doctor for a blood test to screen for coeliac disease.

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Kidney disease: A silent yet deadly killer

On World Kidney Day, Rural Doctors Foundation reminds us of this often silent but potentially life-threatening disease. Over 8% of Australians lives with some form of kidney disease and 20,000 die each year.

A regular check with your rural doctor will monitor your kidney health. Early detection and treatment can help slow or prevent any future damage.

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The Loneliness Epidemic

The other face of Valentine’s Day: The Loneliness Epidemic

For many, Valentine’s Day is a day to feel loved and appreciated. Sadly, for others it is a reminder of how lonely they feel. Valentine’s Day also reminds us of the importance of the relationships in our lives,
Rural Doctors Foundation reminds us of the importance of social connection and provides tips for tackling loneliness and maintaining good mental health.

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World Cancer Day

Cancer: Debunking the Myths on World Cancer Day

Cancer is currently the number one cause of death in Australia, taking the lives of approximately 50,000 Australians each year. However, despite the high prevalence, many misconceptions about cancer still manage to circulate.

Rural doctors play a significant role in supporting not only the patient but also their family and the community. They are connected to many support organisations and provide valuable information and resources to help a family understand the options and support available to them.

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Safer Internet Day

Protect our rural youth against cyberbullying

Dolly Everett is a teenage girl, one who gave a face to a horrifying statistic. In 2018, Australia mourned the loss of this fourteen-year-old girl to suicide. Now, her family campaigns against cyberbullying, hoping to create a future where no one will have to face the harassment Dolly did.

Rural Doctors Foundation looks at the impact of cyberbullying in rural communities and the support your rural doctors can provide.

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Dr Ewen McPhee

Rural doctors are superheroes – Dr Ewen McPhee

Rural doctors are superheroes – just ask Rohan about his Dad, Dr Ewen McPhee. Dr Ewen McPhee is a hero. Not just in his own community of Emerald but also nationally.
The passionate rural doctor is a staunch advocate for health care in the bush. He is also a medical educator, rural generalist obstetrician and principal GP at Emerald Medical Group.

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Honouring our soldiers from the bush

At 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, people across Australia and New Zealand will pause to reflect on the service and sacrifice of service personnel.

Remembrance Day carries special significance for Dr Michael Clements, a rural doctor and veteran who specialises in supporting ex-service personnel and families of serving members.

For Dr Clements and many of his patients, remembrance is part of life.

This Remembrance Day, Rural Doctors Foundation shares insights from Dr Clements about his service and his work as a rural doctor supporting others.

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The King of Rural Medicine

Connection is key to ageing well

At 59 years of age, Professor Tarun Sen Gupta has not reached official senior status just yet. But he is described by his students as the King of Rural Medicine.
He has educated and mentored about 4,000 medical students and junior doctors on their journey to being rural doctors in his decades of work. The theme of 2021 Seniors Month is Social Connections.

Rural Doctors Foundation spoke with Professor Sen Gupta, who is Treasurer of the Foundation, about the importance of staying connected.

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The King of Rural Medicine

Celebrating a true rural woman – Dr Sue Masel

The crucial role women play in improving rural wellbeing is being increasingly recognised. This International Day of Rural Women (October 15), Rural Doctors Foundation spoke with Dr Sue Masel about the important role women play in rural communities. Sue is the current Rural Doctors Foundation Secretary. She is looked to as a leader in rural health nationally, at a state level and in the town of Goondiwindi.

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Kid smiling at camera with wide brim hat rural health charity

Focus on mental health in rural communities

To help shine a light on mental health in rural Queensland communities, Rural Doctors Foundation is sharing just one of the ways it supports rural mental health and wellbeing.
The sharing of this story coincides with awareness raising campaigns World Health Day (October 10) and Queensland Mental Health Week (October 9 – 16).

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Protecting yourself against heart attack

Protecting yourself against heart attack

World Heart Day is celebrated on 29 September each year. This is a global initiative of the World Heart Federation to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease.

This World Heart Day, Rural Doctors Foundation spoke with one of its Directors, Dr Tony Brown, about his own experience of a heart attack.

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Keeping your brain active

Keeping your brain healthy – signs of dementia

This week is Dementia Action Week when Australians are encouraged to find out more about dementia. This will assist people living with the condition to feel less isolated and alone. To help raise awareness of dementia, Rural Doctors Foundation interviewed experienced rural practitioner and health educator, Professor Tarun Sen Gupta, who is Treasurer of the Foundation.

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Blue September – taking care of men’s health

During Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Rural Doctors Foundation is encouraging Queenslanders to create awareness to assist in the fight against prostate cancer. Blue September – a Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia campaign – is supported by communities across the nation in a bid to shine a light on the disease. To help raise awareness, Rural Doctors Foundation interviewed Stanthorpe Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Dan Halliday, who is Chair of the Foundation.

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Living with asthma – one woman’s story

Asthma affects 11 per cent of Australians, but personal trainer Mandy Willis had no inkling she would be one of them.Rural Doctors Foundation spoke with the woman from the south-east Queensland farming town of Beaudesert to share her story of what it is like to live with asthma.

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Farm safety – startling statistics

Farm safety statistics on deaths and injuries in 2020 is sobering reading. The latest Farmsafe report shows the range of most common injuries and deaths on the farm. These are tragedies that devastate rural communities, and their doctors. St George GP, Dr Adam Coltzau discusses these statistics. He also addresses some ways we can make farms safer.

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Killer diseases – how to protect yourself

Many of the top killer diseases amongst Australians are potentially preventable. Research shows rural Australians have a higher incidence of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as most cancers such as lung and bowel cancer. Efforts to lower the risk of many of these diseases may be easier than you think.

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Screening for cancers – visit your GP regularly

Seeing your GP for a check-up when you are well is just as important as going when you are sick. Your doctor can take the time to do screening for conditions you may not know you have. Sometimes people ask to be “checked for cancer”. Although there isn’t one single test GP’s can test for specific types of cancer based on your lifestyle, family history and other risks. 

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Bush patients eager for better rural health

The health of rural patients was brought to the fore when farmers fronted up for free health checks with rural doctors and students at BEEF 2021.Rural Doctors Foundation teamed up with student doctors from Rockhampton UQ Rural Clinical School to offer the checks.

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