Protecting rural communities against COVID

Using innovation to protect our medical staff and patients 

A national advocacy and fundraising appeal by Rural Doctors Foundation  made it possible to deliver much needed Medihoods to rural and remote hospitals, protecting hospital staff and patients from COVID-19 and other infectious illnesses.

Medihoods are installed over hospital beds and come with a high quality air filtration system, enabling doctors and nurses to care for patients while reducing the risk of cross infection. The hoods can be moved from bed to bed when needed.

They were developed at the University of Melbourne as a collaboration between Professor Jason Monty, Head of Mechanical Engineering, and Critical Care Associate Professor Forbes McGain, supported by a core team of experts including Nurse Sam Bates.

In rural hospitals where staffing shortages are common, Medihoods can mean the difference between a hospital remaining operational or closure due to COVID infections amongst staff.

The COVID Medihood protecting doctors, nurses and other patients from cross infection

The results speak for themselves

Rural Doctors Foundation was generously supported to deliver Medihoods to ten rural and remote hospitals across Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory. We also received funding through the Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant to deliver over 140 replacement covers. The awareness raised by the Appeal also resulted in 150 Medihoods being ordered directly by Queensland Health for rural and remote hospitals across Queensland.

We appreciate the support of those that made this possible. Thank you Community Benefit Fund, Rural Doctors Association Australia, Aeris Resources, Booval Rotary Club, Drouin Rotary Club, Kestrel Coal and our individual supporters.