Become a GP to rural doctors

Keeping our rural colleagues healthy and in their communities where they are needed 

Rural health practitioners are dedicated to their patients and communities. This commitment and the limited options for healthcare, distance and workforce shortages often means GPs do not prioritise their own health and wellbeing.

GPs 4 rural docs is a service offering essential high-quality continuation of care to rural and remote health practitioners. And most importantly, it is delivered in their own town.

The service is provided by our team of doctors who are as passionate about the health of their rural colleagues, as you are. With doctor/patient confidentiality essential to building trust, in-person consultations are held within a local hosting medical practice or community facility.

Your commitment 

As a providing doctor you will travel to each rural community on your schedule four times each year. You will support your patients as required between in-town visits via telehealth. The duration of each trip will be no longer than three days, and in many cases will be overnight.

Our doctors are well remunerated, and we cover all expenses associated with travel. Rural Doctors Foundation arrange all travel, town visits and face to face patient bookings. All telehealth support services, and ongoing patient management will be your responsibility, as the providing GP. This includes holding all patient records and billing. 

Making it easy 

Together with you, we identify the best service model that minimise your time away from your existing practice and fits with your personal life and family commitments. The service is delivered as a:


GP flies into town/s via chartered flight (2-3 day trip each quarter) and supports their health practitioner patients by telehealth in between visits 


GP drives 2-3 hours to nearby town/s (2-3 day trip each quarter) and supports their health practitioner patients by telehealth in between visits.

Doctor Exchange

Three doctors within 2-3 hours of each other exchange health services to each other and their towns healthcare professionals. Trip will be two days per quarter with telehealth support in between visits.

Our doctors play an essential role to the sustainability of this vital service. 

With your help, we can make a real difference in the lives of our rural medical colleagues.

Become a GP 4 rural docs

If you want us to contact you to find out more about delivering GP services to rural health practitioners, please fill in the contact form or call us on (07) 3039-0011.