Providing medical equipment

Giving vital equipment to rural communities

Rural Doctors Foundation is  passionate about improving the health of rural communities,  And one way we improve the health of our rural communities is to make sure they have the vital equipment needed to diagnose health issues, and to respond quickly in times of emergency. 

Sadly, rural communities often do not have access to the same standard of equipment that is taken for granted in larger regions.

We have partnered with our supporters who have provided much needed funds to purchase this equipment. 

Equipment that may save a life whether out in the community, in a GP clinic or in the local hospital.

From purchasing a defibrillator for a community hall or a local sporting group, to providing rural doctors with life-saving trauma kits. To equipping rural hospitals with COVID Medihoods to protect patients, nurses and doctors from cross infection. As well as putting life-saving sleeping capsules in the hands of new mums who need support. 

Lifesaving equipment for rural doctors to respond to emergencies

Rural first responders from all across Australia have been equipped with lifesaving emergency kits to assist at rural incidents and for critical illness.


Protecting our rural communities from infectious disease

Medihoods were provided to rural communities to protect patients, nurses and doctors from cross infection.

Lifesaving equipment for rural communities

Defibrillators provided to sporting clubs and community groups. One such gift was to Goondiwindi Triathlon Club for the safety of the community and for use at the Hell of the West Triathlon.

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Safe co-sleeping for indigenous mums and their babies

A simple but potentially lifesaving Pepipod program was funded so mums and new babies could sleep side by side without fear of sudden infant death syndrome.

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