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Helping our rural communities with improved access to life-saving medical care. 

Caring for, committed and connected to rural and remote communities 

Innovative wellness and health programs

Working in partnership, we deliver programs to improve health in rural communities

Medical equipment for rural communities

We provide free medical equipment to rural communities

Help in times of crisis and disaster

We provide emergency relief funding and support - so health services remain accessible

Understanding rural health

We conduct research to better understand health needs of rural communities

Everyone deserves a healthy life, no matter where they live

There is something special about living in rural and remote communities. The wide-open spaces and red dirt. Or acres of lush green forest. Millions of stars dotting the sky at night will take your breath away. But it’s more than just the landscape. The people are pretty special too.

We look out for each other. We’re tenacious, resilient, resourceful and most of all, connected.

You see, it’s not always easy living outside our cities and major towns. On average, Australians living in rural and remote areas have shorter lives, higher levels of disease and injury and poorer access to health services. Many drive hundreds of kilometres to see their doctor. When it comes to health, rural people rely on each other, and local health services to be there in times of need.

Connected to and working with rural and remote communities

Rural Doctors Foundation was established by a group of country doctors who saw first-hand the issues rural and remote communities face in accessing quality healthcare. We understand rural and remote communities because we’re a part of them. The communities we serve are not all the same. Each has varied health needs, and the people and their doctors know what those needs are. We exist to work with rural and remote communities and support them to stay safe and healthy.

Facing hell to raise funds for rural communities

Hell of the West is a murky 2km swim, a burning 80km cycle and a 20km hot as hell run.

Last year, three doctors – Anna Carswell, Sarah Gleeson and Matt Masel raised over $6,000 for the Foundation by competing in this hellish triathlon.

And, they are doing it again!

This year, they will be joined by two seasoned triathletes Zac Cunningham and Aaron Collis.

All are ready to face Hell to show their support for rural communities.  

See all the action from the 2022 event. 


Support them as they face this hellish course by sponsoring them. Help them to provide better health care for those living remotely.  


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Facing hell to raise funds for Rural Doctors Foundation

Zac Cunningham is one of the competitors facing Hell to raise funds for Rural Doctors Foundation.  Zac is no stranger to triathlon and is looking for a podium finish this year.  Support Zac and the team as they raise funds for much needed medical equipment and services.  


As a rural doctor, are you fully equipped to respond to emergencies?

Thanks to the generosity of Morgans, Aurizon Community Giving Fund and our supporters, we have fully equipped trauma kits available for emergency trained rural doctors.  Drop us a line and tell us why you should receive one of these free kits.   

Save the date - the Hibernian Race Day is on again!

Mark your diary now  for Saturday 6 May.  It promises to be a fun filled day.  And, you will be helping a great cause.

Tickets available soon.  Contact us if you want us to reserve your tickets.


Promoting good health in rural and remote locations

The Christmas Health Crisis

Disease and illness do not have an ‘off-switch’. Access to healthcare is needed year-round and Christmas presents further health challenges for rural communities.

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Have a convo, save a bro!

On average, one man dies by suicide every minute of every day. Stronger social connections can reduce the risk of suicide. That means more men talking about stuff that really matters. And Movember is aiming to raise awareness and provide useful tools to support those in crisis.

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Social connection is key to ageing well

Social connection is so important, particularly as we get older.

Having celebrated his 60th birthday and becoming a grandfather recently, Tarun Sen Gupta is all about social connection. Anyone who knows Tarun knows he loves to be surrounded by people, telling stories of his remarkable life and adventures.

This article shares his views on the importance of staying connected.

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