Our rural communities are in crisis

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About Rural Doctors Foundation

There is something special about living in rural and remote communities. The wide-open spaces and red dirt. Or acres of lush green forest. Millions of stars dotting the sky at night will take your breath away. But it’s more than just the landscape. The people are pretty special too. And our purpose is to look after them and keep them healthy

“Rural medicine is a special opportunity to work in an advanced scope of practice and provide whole-of-life care across a whole community and multiple generations.”

Dr Michael Rice – Director

Our rural communities are in crisis and we need more healthcare workers

Help us deliver GP services to our rural health workers and keep them in their communities.

Our 2023 Annual Report is now available

Read reports from our Chair and CEO, a reflection from Marg Moss from RDAQ and Dr Margaret Kay on our exciting future.

We understand rural and remote communities because we’re a part of them.

The communities we serve are not all the same. Each has varied health needs, and the people and their doctors know what those needs are. We exist to work with rural and remote communities and support them to stay safe and healthy.

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