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Our nurses desperately need Medihood COVID shields to protect our rural communities 


“You can see the fear on the nurses’s faces” Samantha told me. “We’re still in the trenches”.

It’s one thing to hear news reporters talking about the strain that COVID has placed on hospitals, but it’s another thing completely to listen to a  nurse tell you about the personal impact of caring for patients with  COVID.

Sam Bates, an ICU nurse carries a unique blend of warmth and strength. After 25 years of working with people facing critical medical crisis, Sam has seen it all. But even she was taken aback by how COVID has stretched hospitals to their limits, and the huge toll it has taken on our doctors and nurses. 

That’s why we need your urgent help to equip our rural hospitals with these innovative Medihoods to protect our doctors, nurses and communities against COVID.

Medihoods protect our doctors, nurse and rural communities against COVID.


On the ground caring for, committed and connected to rural and remote communities 

Support to save more lives in the bush

A little can make a big difference to rural and remote health outcomes

Giving help where it’s needed most

Lifesaving, meaningful solutions that improve health in rural and remote areas

Promoting better
rural health

Reaching out to educate
people about rural and remote health issues


Everyone deserves a healthy life, no matter where they live.

There is something special about living in a rural and remote community. The wide-open spaces and red dirt. Or acres of lush green forest. Millions of stars dotting the sky at night will take your breath away. But it’s more than just the landscape. The people are pretty special too.

We look out for each other. We’re tenacious, resilient, resourceful and most of all, connected. You see, it’s not always easy living outside our cities and major towns.

On average, Australians living in rural and remote areas have shorter lives, higher levels of disease and injury and poorer access to health services. Many drive hundreds of kilometres to see their doctor. When it comes to health, rural people rely on each other, and local health services to be there in times of need.

Connected to and working with rural and remote communities

Rural Doctors Foundation was established by a group of country doctors who saw first-hand the issues rural and remote communities face in accessing quality healthcare.

We understand rural and remote because we’re a part of it. 

The communities we serve are not all the same. Each has varied health needs, and the people and their doctors know what those needs are. We exist to work with rural and remote communities and support them to stay safe and healthy.

Our achievements

Make a real difference

Sandpiper medical Bag and Doctor

Equipment for
first responders

Rural first responders were given lifesaving emergency equipment to help at the scene of rural incidents.

Farmer with mug

Talking about rural mental health

A wellbeing program was established in Barcaldine to make it easier for rural people to talk about their mental health.

Boys learning the Boomerang

Connecting Indigenous Youth

A program was established in Gladstone to encourage vulnerable youth to stay in school, be connected to their culture and make healthy life decisions.

Unisex Triathlon

Goondiwindi gets life-saving equipment

A defibrillator was provided for the Goondiwindi community to keep them safe and support the famous Hell of the West national triathlon.

Help protect our rural communities against COVID-19.

Donate today to help provide a COVID Medihood for your rural hospital.  


Promoting good health in rural and remote locations

Dr Ewen McPhee

Rural doctors are superheroes – Dr Ewen McPhee

Rural doctors are superheroes – just ask Rohan about his Dad, Dr Ewen McPhee. Dr Ewen McPhee is a hero. Not just in his own community of Emerald but also nationally.
The passionate rural doctor is a staunch advocate for health care in the bush. He is also a medical educator, rural generalist obstetrician and principal GP at Emerald Medical Group.

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Honouring our soldiers from the bush

At 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, people across Australia and New Zealand will pause to reflect on the service and sacrifice of service personnel.

Remembrance Day carries special significance for Dr Michael Clements, a rural doctor and veteran who specialises in supporting ex-service personnel and families of serving members.

For Dr Clements and many of his patients, remembrance is part of life.

This Remembrance Day, Rural Doctors Foundation shares insights from Dr Clements about his service and his work as a rural doctor supporting others.

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The King of Rural Medicine

Connection is key to ageing well

At 59 years of age, Professor Tarun Sen Gupta has not reached official senior status just yet. But he is described by his students as the King of Rural Medicine.
He has educated and mentored about 4,000 medical students and junior doctors on their journey to being rural doctors in his decades of work. The theme of 2021 Seniors Month is Social Connections.

Rural Doctors Foundation spoke with Professor Sen Gupta, who is Treasurer of the Foundation, about the importance of staying connected.

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