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Everyone deserves a healthy life, no matter where they live

There is something special about living in rural and remote communities. The wide-open spaces and red dirt. Or acres of lush green forest. Millions of stars dotting the sky at night will take your breath away. But it’s more than just the landscape. The people are pretty special too.

We look out for each other. We’re tenacious, resilient, resourceful and most of all, connected.

You see, it’s not always easy living outside our cities and major towns. On average, Australians living in rural and remote areas have shorter lives, higher levels of disease and injury and poorer access to health services. Many drive hundreds of kilometres to see their doctor. When it comes to health, rural people rely on each other, and local health services to be there in times of need.

Connected to and working with rural and remote communities

Rural Doctors Foundation was established by a group of country doctors who saw first-hand the issues rural and remote communities face in accessing quality healthcare. We understand rural and remote communities because we’re a part of them. The communities we serve are not all the same. Each has varied health needs, and the people and their doctors know what those needs are. We exist to work with rural and remote communities and support them to stay safe and healthy.

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You may give a one off donation or choose to donate on a regular basis. We are extremely grateful for your support. Regular donations enable us to plan for ongoing programs.  

Are you passionate about the health of our rural practitioners?

Rural Doctors Foundation is piloting a program to provide GP services to health practitioners living in rural and remote communities.  If you are interested in being a GP for rural doctors, please contact us to find out more. 

Ready for a night of fun, great company and lots of dancing?

Hosted by BNI,  join us for a fun night with delicious food and a good old fashioned bush dance. Held at Brookfield Hall on Saturday 14 October, it is a night not to be missed.  


Rural Doctors Foundation welcomes Margaret Kay as our Medical Director.

Rural Doctors Foundation is excited to have Dr Margaret Kay join our team as Medical Director leading our GPs 4 rural docs program.  Margaret is uniquely qualified to kick off this exciting new initiative to provide healthcare to our rural health practitioners. 


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