Supporting rural GPs and health practitioners

What happens when a doctor needs a doctor – 

and the closest one is over 300kms away 

At Rural Doctors Foundation, we understand the health of our GPs and health practitioners is critical to the wellbeing of a rural community. We recognise their dedication and the challenges that come with rural practice. This dedication, in combination with limited healthcare options, distance and work shortages often results in rural GPs neglecting their own health and wellbeing.

With the introduction of our innovative new GPs4RuralDocs program, rural doctors can prioritise their own healthcare without having to leave town or consult a colleague.  

What is GPs4RuralDocs?

GPs4RuralDocs is a GP service aimed specifically at rural doctors, nurses and allied health practitioners. We hope to provide Australia’s essential rural health workforce with the same high level of care that they provide their own patients.

The service is delivered by a team of doctors who understand rural practice and are trained in doctor-to-doctor care and mental health.

These GP consultations can address specific health concerns or act as a simple health checkup – just as they would for any patient in a GP clinic.


Tina Jackson with Dr John Douyere and Coral Fuata, our Program Manager
in Cunnamulla for our GPs4RuralDocs clinic

How does the GPs4RuralDocs work?

The visiting GPs hold clinics in various rural communities, multiple times a year, with telehealth services available between visits.

This combination of face-to-face and telehealth consultations allows the patient to develop continuity and trust with an independent GP trained in doctor-to-doctor care.

Why is GPs4RuralDocs such an essential program for rural doctors?

Like their patients, rural doctors face challenges in accessing healthcare. Being the only doctor in town or part of a small close-knit team of healthcare professionals, accessing independent and confidential healthcare isn’t easy.

Most rural healthcare practitioners are faced with the choice of being seen by a colleague, or forced to travel extraordinarily long distances to receive the  independent care they provide their own patients.

This often leads to burnout and illness, with much-needed healthcare workers  leaving their rural practice for extended periods of time.


GPs4RuralDocs results in healthy, resilient and accessible healthcare practitioners who are better equipped to care for their patients.
In looking after the physical, mental health and overall wellbeing of our GPs and health practitioners, it reduces incidence of stress and burnout, and means they stay living and working in their rural communities.

If you’re a health practitioner looking to secure an appointment, simply look out for an upcoming clinic in your town, and book via our confidential online booking system.

GP services for rural health practitioners

Senior GPs visit rural towns to provide rural health practitioners with access to GP services. 

Health needs of rural health practitioners

We conducted research into the health needs of our rural health practitioners to understand barriers to seeking healthcare. 

Dr Sue Masel advocates for GPs4RuralDocs

Dr Sue Masel travelled over 700km to receive her healthcare and welcomes the GPs4RuralDocs program coming to Goondiwindi.

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