Goondiwindi gets critical defibrillator

Lifesaving equipment ensures a community is staying active and safe

The town of Goondiwindi sits on the Queensland-New South Wales border, along the Macintyre River. A predominantly rural town, with a relaxed great community feel, it has a population of approximately 6,300 people. 

However, in summer every year for the past 30 years, the town bursts at the seams with out-of-towners and locals alike competing in the annual “Hell of the West” Triathlon.

Goondiwindi Triathlon Club takes every measure to ensure the safety of competitors in the gruelling Hell of the West event. They start at first light before the worst heat of the day. They  have paramedics and qualified first aid volunteer officers on site.

Sadly in 2014, despite these precautions, a young competitor event collapsed at the end of the race. Tragically, emergency personnel were unable to revive him. This was devastating for everyone.

This prompted the need for an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Relying heavily on sponsorship to host the event, the Club applied for a grant from Rural Doctors Foundation to purchase this vital equipment. We were glad to help. 

A safer Hell of the West… and a safer town 

Dr Anna Carswell knew the whole community would benefit from acquiring this lifesaving equipment. The AED is available for the Triathlon as well as for the community. It lives in a central location in town and supports sport and recreation all year round. 

Knowing the lifesaving defibrillator is available for use
gives peace of mind to the community of Goondiwindi
and those competing in Hell of the West.

Dr Anna Carswell


Rural Doctors Foundation is able to fill the gap providing communities with life saving equipment

And keep confidence in the Hell of the West triathlon event for many years to come. Meaning the community can continue to thrive. With your support, we can help more towns, in more remote and rural areas. Through purchasing vital equipment and reducing the divide in access to healthcare.