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Partnering for healthier rural and remote communities

We are committed to forming partnerships with organisations with a shared vision for healthier rural and remote communities. If you are passionate about rural people enjoying healthier lives and improved access to quality local care, then we should chat!

Thank you – together we can achieve great things

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    Partnerships make a tangible difference

    Rural Doctors Foundation was formed by rural doctors and their supporters. We are caring for, committed to and connected with rural and remote regions. That’s because we are working on the ground in regional and remote communities. Significantly, partnerships can help support grassroots projects which have tangible outcomes. This means you will see meaningful results from your partnership. 

    And that can be incredibly rewarding.

    We are very grateful for the support of like-minded advocates working with us to achieve fairer health outcomes for those living in rural and remote communities.

    Our major partners 

    Big Dry Friday is a major fundraising initiative to support those living in rural and remote communities.  Rural Doctors Foundation was selected as a beneficiary of the 2022  and 2023 events. We are extremely grateful for the very generous support of Morgans and those who supported Big Dry Friday.

    We are extremely grateful to Roche for their generous funding in a three year-partnership agreement. Their funding will be used to support our GPs 4 rural docs program which is providing much needed face to face health services to our rural health practitioners.  

    Our business partners

    Angel Flight is providing reduced cost flights for our GPs to travel safely to our rural and remote  communities to deliver GP services to rural health practitioners.

    Collins, Biggers and Paisley provide pro-bono legal services enabling us to direct our funds towards much needed health services in rural communities.

    Rural Doctors Association of Australia (RDAA) supports the Foundation providing access to resources and vital networks to build our footprint across Australia. 

    Our event partners 

    Our grant partners 

    Make a difference by partnering with us

    Contact us on (07) 3039-0011 to chat about ways we can work together to create meaningful change. 

    Be a part of GPs4RuralDocs

    Find out more about our GPs4RuralDocs program delivering better health to our rural practitioners.

    See the difference our partners make

    Read more about how rural communities are being helped by those supporting Rural Doctors Foundation .

    “Roche is honored to collaborate with the Rural Doctors Foundation in the launch of GPs4RuralDocs.”

    Nic Horridge, General Manager