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Our story

The story of Rural Doctors Foundation begins with the dream of a few dedicated and compassionate rural doctors.

 Watch our remarkable story. 

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Our partner, Roche Australia produced this video sharing the story of our program, GPs4RuralDocs.

Our CEO, Fran Avon shares the story of how Rural Doctors Foundation, with the support of partners like Roche, is providing local healthcare to rural GPs.

Stories of our directors

Be inspired by Sue's story

Dr Sue Masel

Sue is a rural generalist. As a medical student, Sue had placements in Proserpine and Tara, giving her a taste for rural practice. 

Watch Sue’s journey travelling the world finishing in Goondiwindi – where she is still  25 years later! 

Watch Michael's story

Dr Michael Rice

Dr Michael Rice is a rural generalist and his passion for rural health began with his first rotation Beaudesert. 

Hear as Michael tells of his aspiration to be a microsurgeon and how he fell in love with rural practice. 

Tarun tells his story

Tarun Sen Gupta has worked in rural medicine and rural medical education since 1987. 

His tireless passion is infectious, and he is responsible for supporting and directing the careers of countless doctors.

Stories of our partners

Protecting against infection

Nurse Sam Bates

Sam Bates is a emergency nurse in Victoria and she was part of the team that developed the Medihood to protect patients from infectious disease during the time of COVID.

Rural Doctors Foundation was proud to be instrumental in getting these life saving devices to rural and remote hospitals across Australia. 

Acciona Energia sponsorship

Medical equipment

Our supporter, Acciona Energia, provided funding to Rural Doctors Foundation to provide much needed medical equipment during the time of the COVID crisis.

Watch what they are doing in the community and for Rural Doctors Foundation.


Stories of those we helped

GPs making a difference

Keeping safe

Following a tragedy, the community of Goondiwindi sought to get a defibrillator for  their community.  

Rural Doctors Foundation was humbled to help.


Online yoga for rural communities

Staying healthy

Rural Doctors Foundation was proud to support The Yoga Partnership in delivering online yoga to those living in rural and remote communities.

Not only great for physical and mental health, the classes provided an opportunity for social connection. 

Sharing medical information

Health Exchange

Central Queensland Rural Health developed an online platform to share medical information with health practitioners.

Rural Doctors provided funding to support this initiative.  Mel Ohl provides an overview of the platform.