Giving vital equipment to rural communities

We are committed to improving the health of our rural communities,  And one way we do this is to make sure they have the vital equipment to diagnose health issues, and respond quickly in times of emergency. 

Sadly, rural communities often do not have access to the same standard of equipment that is taken for granted in larger regions. Our supporters help provide much needed funds to purchase this equipment.

Equipment that may save a life whether in the community, in a GP clinic or in the local hospital. 

Dr Alex Sleeman saving lives by being in the right place with the right equipment

Dr Alex Sleeman  is a rural general practitioner providing locum medical services in remote Western Australia. He  travels extensively and always has his emergency trauma kit, the Sandpiper bag in the back of his ute.   

Dr Cam Hollows receives emergency kit to close the "trauma gap"

Rural Doctors Foundation provides Sandpiper Bags to rural doctors; pre-filled emergency care kits  invaluable in emergency situations. One such recipient of a Sandpiper Bag is Dr Cam Hollows

Responding to a national crisis with an innovative solution

Medihoods are life saving devices that protect patients, nurses and doctors from cross infection. The peace of mind they provided at the height of the COVID pandemic was incredible.

Promoting healthy activity

Providing defibrillators to community groups including Goondiwindi Triathlon Club promotes healthy activity while  keeping the community safe. 

Safe co-sleeping for mums and babies

A simple solution so First Nations mums and babies can sleep side by side without fear of sudden infant death syndrome.

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