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Cancer: Debunking the Myths on World Cancer Day

Cancer is currently the number one cause of death in Australia, taking the lives of approximately 50,000 Australians each year. However, despite the high prevalence, many misconceptions about cancer still manage to circulate.

Rural doctors play a significant role in supporting not only the patient but also their family and the community. They are connected to many support organisations and provide valuable information and resources to help a family understand the options and support available to them.

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Screening for cancers – visit your GP regularly

Seeing your GP for a check-up when you are well is just as important as going when you are sick. Your doctor can take the time to do screening for conditions you may not know you have. Sometimes people ask to be “checked for cancer”. Although there isn’t one single test GP’s can test for specific types of cancer based on your lifestyle, family history and other risks.