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80% of people with coeliac disease don’t know they have it – are you one of them?

Approximately 1 in 70 Australians have coeliac disease however 80% remain undiagnosed. Most Australians with coeliac disease don’t know it. Improved awareness of the condition has resulted in higher diagnosis rates in the past few years, however, there has also been an increase in the incidence of coeliac disease.

Rural Doctors Foundation recommend that if you have a close relative with coeliac disease, ask your local rural doctor for a blood test to screen for coeliac disease.

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Living with asthma

Asthma affects 11 per cent of Australians, but personal trainer Mandy Willis had no inkling she would be one of them.Rural Doctors Foundation spoke with the woman from the south-east Queensland farming town of Beaudesert to share her story of what it is like to live with asthma.