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Jade Newnham

Jade Newnham is a HCANZA accredited Health and Wellness Coach, specialising in Mental Fitness Coaching, and a Mindfulness, Meditation and Breath Work Teacher accredited with Meditation Association Australia. Jade has experience in Public Health at state level.

Jade has been working in the health field for almost 20 years in a variety of settings. Jade worked in pharmacy while studying Biomedical Science but transferred to graduate with a Bachelor of Public Health with excellence. With earning a scholarship, she went on to work at Queensland Health in State Level Public Health for 8 years. One of her roles there, was assisting public health program planning, delivery and reporting and the indicator development project. Jade went onto practicing Ayurvedic Lifestyle, which she then found out aligned well with Lifestyle Medicine (mindfulness, nature, sleep, whole food diet, relationships ect). When Jade was introduced to this field of Lifestyle Medicine, she decided to wholly dedicate her life’s work here so that she could provide a high standard of evidenced based health and wellness care and to collaborate with the medical field.

Jade feels her life’s purpose is to deliver a very high standard of evidenced based health and wellness knowledge and support in collaboration with the medical field for the best results possible in health for all. Jade is currently undergoing her studies for accreditation with ASLM and is studying her Masters in Lifestyle Medicine at Southern Cross University, which enables her to understand the latest evidenced based knowledge for health and wellness.


Bachelor of Public Health with excellence, entry from Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Griffith University, Australia

Certificate 4 Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle, Ayurveda College, RTO Australia

Advanced Diploma Ayurveda, Ayurveda College, RTO Australia

Certificate 4 Trainer and Assessor, RTO Australia

Meditation and Breath Work Teacher Training, Bamboo Yoga Byron Bay, Australia

Health and Wellness Coaching Certification, Wellness Coaching Australia

Mental Fitness Health Coaching, Mental Fitness Project, Australia

Professional Membership & Association with HCANZA

Professional Membership & Association with Meditation Australia Association

Currently undertaking Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner accreditation and Masters in Lifestyle Medicine.


Senior Public Health Officer, Southern Regional Services, Queensland Health.

Pharmacy Assistant, Terry White Chemist.

Ayurvedic Practitioner and Trainer and Assessor.


Awards, Honours, or Accolades

Graduated Bachelor of Public Health with excellence (top 5% of university students).

Receieved the university scholarship on merit and gained a direct entry into Queenslad Health.

Promoted to a Senior Public Health Officer position after 1 year of work after graduation of Uni.

Teaching or Mentoring Roles

Not currently, but in the past I was a trainer and assessor of Ayurvedic Lifestyle at a college and was mentoring /supervising the Ayurvedic student clinic. As I am fairly new to the context of Lifestyle Medicine and Accredited Health and Wellness Coaching, so currently I am not. I aspire to be one day in the future.

I am passionate about supporting all those in need, in the health industry. I grew up in a semi rural coastal area in Victoria, my Nana was in Shoreham and I lived in Somers. I loved country life as a kid, but I also remember the long drives my Mum would do to help my Nana get cancer treatment over many years and the hardships that were faced being isolated when we needed medical or emergency care (and that was only semi rural!). There is something so beautiful about living in the country, being in amongst nature, yet it has its challenges when you are in medical need, i just feel its part of my duty and purpose to support people in need.

- Jade Newnham

Development/stay updated

I have a passion and a love of upto date evidenced based practice that supports health and wellness in a holistic and grounded way, to provide support to the medical feild. As such, I keep on studying along side my work. I am currently undertaking my Lifestyle Medicine Accreditation course and soon Masters in Lifestyle Medicine. I make sure I attend conferences, talk to other professional collegues in the feild such as my collegue Dr Kuljit Singh the National Chair of Social Prescribing and read journal articles in my spare time for fun!

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