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Help us save more lives in rural and remote communities. We are dedicated to improving health outcomes for people in the country. We’re a small but mighty organisation, and your help can really make a big impact on a rural community.

As rural doctors, we experience the challenges faced by those living in rural and remote communities every day.

It’s tough sometimes living in rural and remote Australia. And it’s tough being a rural doctor. Distance, lack of health services and fewer good people can make it hard to give the help we know is needed. The mortality rate for rural and remote people is 1.8 times higher than in the city. 3 in 5 rural people don’t see a specialist, because there’s not one close by.

Rural Doctors Foundation was established because we care deeply about the communities where we live and work. And we want everyone to have the same chance at good health. With your help, we can do it.

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We are so grateful to the kind people who give so generously to make rural and remote health better, and fairer. The Foundation was established by rural doctors to work with communities at the local level. Funds you donate go towards projects that directly help rural and remote communities, so they get the support they deserve.

Your donation will help to rural and remote communities to:

Cope in times of
natural disaster
Purchase lifesaving equipment
Continue important
health programs
Fund important research
Get more
health check-ups
Learn more
about good health
Bring medical professionals into rural and remote areas
Turn innovative ideas for better health into
a reality!

“I have seen the stark disparity in access and equity of health care in rural communities compared to other regions.

It's a career path that has seen my family travel leading us to Stanthorpe - a place we are happy to call home."

– Dan Halliday, Chair Rural Doctors Foundation with his daughter Grace.