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Partnering for healthier rural living 

Rural Doctors Foundation is committed to charity partnerships with organisations that share our vision for healthier rural and remote communities. If you are passionate about rural people enjoying healthier lives and access to quality local care, then we should chat! Through innovations, research, and inspiration we are reducing health inequities. Working with partners means we can solve bigger challenges, combine expertise, and also increase capacity.

Charity partnerships can make a tangible difference

Rural Doctors Foundation was formed by rural doctors and their supporters. We are caring for, committed to and connected with rural and remote regions. That’s because we are working on the ground in regional and remote communities. Significantly, charity partnerships can help support grassroots, local projects which have tangible outcomes. This means you will see meaningful results from your partnership. 

And that can be incredibly rewarding.

The situation in rural health care is tough 

If you have spent any time in rural and remote medicine, or have lived outside our metro areas, you will appreciate that life is different. While it’s a great life, health care is tough. If your organisation is based in a metropolitan area, you might not know the challenges we face.

Rural communities are small in population and separated by vast distances.  But they are responsible for feeding us and keeping us healthy.

So, what’s happening in rural and remote locations really matters to us all.

Distance, isolation, and also lack of services are part of rural health. And as a result of this, lives are at risk every day. But by working together, we can help fill the gaps that exist in healthcare for rural and remote communities.



Some alarming statistics

  • The mortality rates for rural and remote people are 1.8 times what they are in the city.

  • People living in rural and remote areas also have higher instances of disease as well as injury.

  • 3 out of 5 rural people do not see a specialist when they need to,. Mostly, because there isn’t one close by.

  • The rural clinician is the “jack of all trades” with primary care traversing mental health, obstetrics, palliative care, paediatrics, emergency response and so much more.

Taking action, creating change 

We are perfectly positioned to make a difference, because as rural doctors, we are part of the fabric of rural and remote communities. We celebrate solutions that see people rolling up their sleeves and taking action.

Solutions that make a difference.

Solutions that also keep people healthy and save lives. Importantly, we support communities at the local level, funding their creative ideas for managing their own health issues.

The work of Rural Doctors Foundation

Keeping healthcare running

Emergency funding in order to keep healthcare running in times of disaster

Funding health projects

Community grants in order to implement important health and wellbeing programs

Providing medical equipment

Funding lifesaving equipment which helps rural incidents and accidents

Free health checks

We keep rural people healthy, by offering free health checks at rural events

Medical professionals

We work to bring more medical professionals into rural and remote areas

Conducting health research

Health research so that we can learn more about rural health needs

Educating communities

Health education to help rural and remote people live healthier lives

Funding community ideas

Turning innovative community ideas for better rural health into reality

Become a partner

Contact us today on (07) 3039-0011 to chat about ways we can work together to create meaningful change. 

See what other partners are doing

Our partners are people, who like us, care a lot about rural and remote communities across Australia. 





“Alone we can do so little,

 together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller