What we do

Making healthcare better for rural and remote communities.

Rural Doctors Foundation are rural clinicians taking action to create better and fairer healthcare in the rural and remote communities where we live and work.

We fund and deliver health projects that directly help rural and remote communities. With tangible benefits for people in towns across country regions. It’s rural and remote people, and their doctors, working together in order to make good changes. Changes that will see more rural people thrive.

Changes that will save lives.

You see, rural and remote communities often draw the short straw when it comes to healthcare. Distance, socio-economic conditions as well as lack of health professionals, programs and equipment can be significant barriers to good health. Barriers that cost lives, with mortality rates 1.8 times higher in the country than the city.

Show your support and save more lives in rural communities

Rural Doctors Foundation is reliant on support to be able to do the work we do. Not only in times of emergency, but throughout the year. Help us to deliver lifesaving, meaningful solutions that improve health in rural and remote areas. A little can make a big difference to rural and remote health outcomes.

What we achieved in 2021 – with the generous support of our donors   

Here’s what we do to make a difference. 

Grants for Good Health

Funding grassroots ideas for
improving health in rural and remote communities, helping to get creative, meaningful health solutions
off the ground.

Emergency Health Funding

Supporting rural doctors in emergency situations, so that they can keep delivering life-saving healthcare in times of crisis. ​

Health Checks

Helping rural people see a doctor
so they can stay healthy and well,
with free health checks offered at
rural events.​

Health Research

Asking important questions of rural
and remote people, so that we can advocate for them, and design more health programs to meet their needs. ​