Medical equipment for rural communities

The right equipment in the right hands save lives 

Lifesaving equipment is crucial to have on hand at the scene of rural emergencies . And often lacking in rural and remote areas. But critical illness does not recognise geography. And that’s why, finding funding solutions through Rural Doctors Foundation was vital.

With the help of our generous supporters, rural clinicians and communities now have  access to medical equipment that helps them respond quickly and well in emergencies.  Innovative medical equipment has also been provided to rural hospitals across Australia due to the funding provided by our supporters.  

Every second, every minute counts 

When people suffer critical illnesses or medical emergencies in rural communities, distance is often a problem. Remoteness can make it difficult for ambulances and even specialist helicopter services, to arrive quickly. Medical experts describe this as a ‘trauma gap’ in rural communities. So it means patients who suffer illness or trauma from road crashes or farm accidents may face large delays. Even though they may need time-critical help.

Rural Doctors Foundation has worked to bridge this gap by providing defibrillators and Emergency Trauma Kits known as Sandpiper bags to rural communities and their doctors.  With the right equipment in the hands of trained doctors and community members means they are able to save more lives. 

Emergency kits help to close the ‘trauma gap’

Rural Doctors Foundation offers pre-filled bags of emergency equipment to rural doctors with the appropriate training. These Sandpiper Bags, allow rural clinicians to help at the scene of rural incidents. The bags hold important pre-hospital trauma equipment. They are stocked to a fit-for-purpose contents list and are easily carried on the back into the scene. However remote the location.

Rural Doctors Foundation has also provided defibrillators to community groups and sporting clubs across rural Australia.  Training on the correct use of the equipment is also provided to ensure that community members feel confident in using the defibrillator, if they ever need to. 

Responding with Medihoods at the time of COVID  

The Medihood is installed easily over a hospital bed and with their specialised air filtering system, create a cover of protection over each patient, helping to protect other patients and health workers from cross infection.   With grant funding, support from our donors and an advocacy campaign, Rural Doctors Foundation was instrumental in delivering over 180 of these devices into rural hospitals across Australia.   

The impact of these life-saving initiatives on rural communities is positive. And it’s possible thanks to those who generously support the work of Rural Doctors Foundation.  

“These Medihoods are life saving devices that protect patients, nurses and doctors from cross infection. The peace of mind they provided at the height of the COVID pandemic was incredible.”

–  Nurse Sam Bates

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