Support for doctors and medical students

Rural Doctors Foundation funds mentoring, education and support programs for doctors, interns and medical students.

The beauty of our rural and remote areas is breath-taking but for some the isolation can be confronting.   

For a rural doctor new to a community or a medical student completing their rural training, this feeling can be overwhelming.  Imagine how daunting it could be – removed from family and friends and without the support of colleagues, especially if you have to make decisions that could save a life. 

Rural doctors are often more than a doctor – they are a confidant, a counsellor, a strong shoulder to cry on and a friend.  They are the support for the community.  

But, what happens when they need support.

Rural Doctors Foundation, in partnership with Rural Doctors Association Queensland (RDAQ) is on hand with a listening ear, to offer training and mentoring programs and to provide financial support when needed.  

It’s about rural doctors sharing their expertise and being there with advice or simply a word of encouragement.

Something as simple as being on the end of a phone or organising a social event to introduce a new doctor or student to their rural community has such an impact. Access to the latest training tools or being part of network of like-minded colleagues can make a huge difference.  This is what is made possible through the support provided by RDAQ. 

Support for rural and remote doctors, interns and students

Rural Doctors Foundation provides funding to RDAQ to enable delivery of innovative and much needed support programs for doctors, interns and medical students.

“having a mentor who understands the challenges of being a rural doctor and is on hand to provide advice is invaluable.”

How we help


Providing a forum for doctors in training to share experiences and learning

Offering a listening ear when times are tough or being a cheerleader to share in your  achievements   

Sharing new techniques such as reflective practice to improve patient care and self care 

Facilitating medical education and training 

Offering bursaries to medical students to attend rural health conferences and training.

To find out more about support programs call RDAQ on (07) 3221 4444.  We are proud to fund this program that provides the support needed to navigate the challenging yet rewarding calling of a rural doctor.