Screening for cancers – visit your GP regularly

Seeing your GP for a check-up when you are well is just as important as going when you are sick.  When you are well is the best time for a health check. Your doctor can take the time to do screening for conditions you may not know you have.  A good GP will have a chat and tailor investigations based on your age and risk factors.  Getting skin and blood pressure checks are just the beginning of what a GP can offer. Sometimes people ask to be “checked for cancer”. Although there isn’t one single test GP’s can test for specific types of cancer based on your lifestyle, family history and other risks. Talk to your GP about screening for different types of cancers.
Bowel cancer – these tests look for chemical traces of blood in your stool that can be an early warning sign. Lung cancer – most people have seen the new advertisements warning of signs of lung cancer like persistent or blood-stained cough, often brought on by smoking. A chest x-ray could detect it early giving treatment a head start. Breast cancer – screening is available for women over 40. Mobile screening buses tour Queensland or your GP can help. Cervical cancer – a simple pap smear for women in their doctor’s office is a quick an efficient test. Although some women try to avoid them, a smear can detect changes to the cervix before cancer spreads. Prostate cancer – a big concern for men but is easily screened for and effectively treated if found early. Timely check ups can be the difference in early detection. Having a good relationship with your GP and seeing them regularly can save your life.