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With an increase in COVID cases, we need to protect our patients and medical staff in hospitals. We already face acute staff shortages – so protecting our doctors and nurses is critical to keep our hospitals operating. 

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COVID from the frontline - Sam's story

Samantha Bates carries that unique blend of warmth and strength that you’d expect from an experienced Intensive Care nurse. After working with people facing critical medical crisis for more than 25 years, Sam has seen it all. But even she was taken aback by how COVID has stretched city hospitals to their limits.

I can’t imagine how our rural hospitals will manage when COVID hits like it has here. And, everyone knows it’s a matter of when, not if.

“The challenge is that it’s nearly impossible to separate those with COVID from other patients”, Sam explained. “The risk of cross infection is everywhere and to minimise the risk you have to create a hospital within a hospital”.  

With a COVID outbreak, the demand on staffing multiplies, impacting everyone – the doctors, the nurses, the administration and kitchen staff, and the cleaners. If anyone is infected or considered at risk, they are out of action for at least two weeks.

How our rural hospitals would deal with a COVID outbreak has kept me awake at night. I am scared it will bring us to our knees.

“But that’s why the Medihoods are such a game changer”. 

The McMonty Medihoods are a break-through Aussie innovation. By creating a personal cover of protection over the patient with specialised air filtering systems, they act like as see-through shield that protects both the medical staff and patient from cross infection.

As a specialised Research ICU Nurse, Sam has been part of the research team testing and improving these life-saving hoods. She has seen first-hand the difference the shields make. 

“Nurses keep telling me, ‘I wish our hospital had one of these Medihoods’.