Help us get defibrillators into rural and remote communities across Australia

With a higher incidence of heart disease in rural communities, a defibrillator could save a life

Doctors Sarah Gleeson, Anna Carswell, and Matt Masel are advocates to get defibrillators into rural communities after suffering the loss of a young man in their community

The impact of a sudden death on a rural community is devastating

Sadly, the community of Goondiwindi has experienced this feeling. A number of years ago, a young man passed away after competing in the Hell of the West triathlon.

The grief felt by his family and friends was overwhelming. And, like the people of Goondiwindi, Rural Doctors Foundation felt helpless but knew we needed to do something. We decided to show our support by providing a defibrillator so that a tragedy like this could hopefully be prevented in the future.

The demand is growing

Since that time, we have received a number of calls seeking defibrillators from rural communities across Australia. Our Chair, Dr Michael Rice is a GP in a rural community, and he sees first hand how heart disease can kill. And, how such a simple device as a defibrillator can save lives. So, that is why he is passionate about getting defibrillators out to as many rural communities as we possibly can. With the tyranny of distance, a defibrillator could mean the difference between life and death.

Your support could save a life!

“Our community is extremely grateful to Rural Doctors Foundation for providing a defibrillator. I am hoping we never have to use it but it is there if we need it.” 

Dr Sarah Gleeson – Goondiwindi Triathlon Club